Review and Buying Guide Eyenimal Cat Videocam

We had one, but our cat managed to submerge it in drinking water whilst ingesting, which isn’t really included by the warrentyi purchased this second a single, which worked wonderful for a whilst, until it grew to become incompatible with the cable.I have experienced a whole lot of difficulties with connecting it to the personal computer, and it really is extremely aggravating when the digicam will work high-quality but the product is worthless as the laptop are not able to read iti’m shopping for a new cable, which hopefully fixes my troubles, normally it’s a software program problem and i just will not be in a position to use it any additional :(- it also scratches very quickly, so maybe they should use tougher plastic?.

If you are heading to get a cat cam, buy this one as you couldn’t do greater.

Eyenimal Cat Videocam

  • Videocam for cats with night vision
  • Video transfer and battery recharge via usb connection
  • Movement detector to stop recording when the cat sleeps

Fantastic digicam – just a disgrace our cats lose theirs. This is our second eyenimal. Seem is fantastic even if it does include a minor interference, nevertheless the picture is pretty crystal clear. We would like to see a much larger memory, and a a lot lengthier battery time as our cat goes out for more than a few hrs at a time. The most important dilemma is cats dropping it. As i produce this, following a month of getting it, it can be now lost and we cant discover it as it is in woodland with no entry to individuals. The choice to location it on a buckled non-protection collar is never a fantastic just one, as your cat could be killed. If you don’t want to lose it, regrettably you shouldnt get it. Your cats basic safety is the most significant.

Eyenimal Cat Videocam :