Review and Buying Guide Olympus SH-2 Digital Compact Camera

Olympus SH-2 Digital Compact Camera – Black (16 MP, 24x Optical Zoom, Built-In Wi-Fi)

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  • Premium design with sophistication
  • Powerful 24x optical zoom
  • Powerful 5-axis image stabilisation system
  • Built-in WiFi for remote control and image sharing via a smartphone
  • Nightscape Mode

Olympus SH-2 Digital Compact Camera – Black (16 MP, 24x Optical Zoom, Built-In Wi-Fi) :

One thought on “Review and Buying Guide Olympus SH-2 Digital Compact Camera

  1. Colour Name: Silver Verified Purchase

    This review is from : Olympus SH-2 Digital Compact Camera – Black (16 MP, 24x Optical Zoom, Built-In Wi-Fi)

    I bought this camera as a carry about handbag camera. I am a professional food photographer so have nikon dslrs in the studio and an olympus pen system at home and also use a sony rx100ii. ~the sony produces very high quality images and video, but i don’t love it as a camera. This is largely because it only focuses down to 30-40cm when the lens is wide. Not at all flattering for pics of the food on your platethe olympus seemed at first to do everything i wanted. I took it straight to a glamorous summer party and it coped brilliant with all sorts of subjects. The long lens caught charming candids of children and groups across the marquee and the delicious party food. It behaved pretty well in low light and contrasty sunshine and i was able to present my hosts with a good gallery of pics that rivalled the official photographers shots. But the quality of the images was just not there, the small sensor can’t satisfy someone who is used to high quality from professional cameras.
  2. Colour Name: Silver Verified Purchase

    This review is from : Olympus SH-2 Digital Compact Camera – Black (16 MP, 24x Optical Zoom, Built-In Wi-Fi)

    Absolutely great wee camera, got some brilliant holiday snaps.
    • Colour Name: Silver What's this?
      Amazing technology in a retro-styled body. The first impressions are of a retro styled leather camera of old but the vast array of modes and options plus wi-fi data transfer reveal what high technology is packed inside. It’s a bit bigger than the pocket compact cameras, to accommodate an amazing 24x optical zoom lens which is the best i’ve used on such a relatively inexpensive camera. The results are remarkable, coupled with a very effective image stabilisation that just works. This is the real benefit of shelling out for a proper camera rather than just pointing your smartphone and clicking. The pictures have superb resolution and colour balance which is born out when zooming in on a pc screen or displaying on a big tv. Battery charging is in the camera with an annoyingly non-standard usb cable. The wi-fi links to a free olympus image share app which is very easy to install and set up by scanning the qr code which is displayed. This allows pictures to be imported into the smartphone, remote control of the camera and adding gps tags determined by the phone. Gps tagging would be simpler in the camera but i guess that it’s done this way to save cost and battery drain.
      • Colour Name: Silver What's this?
        A camera with style and substance. Although you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, i first have to say how stylish and smart this camera looks. It’s got that old-school, hipster feel to it (and i mean that in a good way). I love the black, leather look and silver detail to the front. The screen on the back gives it a very modern feel as it fits almost to each edge. Having said all that, i don’t think the look of this camera would have swayed me if it wasn’t such a good piece of equipment to own and use. I’ll not go into the technical specs other than to say that the zoom is very good (24xwide optical zoom) and you really feel like you can get right to the heart of the subject you’re photographing. I took the camera on a hike with the dogs and these dogs are young and crazy. With the claims that the camera is perfect at capturing movement and action on the fly – i tried to snap the dogs as they darted round the hills. This is a completely untechnical way of explaining things but when i took a picture and watched it through the viewfinder, i found that the camera seemed to take the picture of the action a hairsbreadth before i’d pressed the button.
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    This review is from : Olympus SH-2 Digital Compact Camera – Black (16 MP, 24x Optical Zoom, Built-In Wi-Fi)

    Love the nightscape mode and optical zoom. From using my mobile phone, this has been a move up for me – i am delighted with the good quality pictures and the best features are the nightscape mode and the 24 x optical zoom so that you can get closer to distant views. Plus it compensates for any jolting movements when taking pictures or moving when using video. Configuring the built in wi-fi was no problem at all; it’s a compact size that is perfect to take on your travels and the old school design is great. There is a cd rom provided for detailed information and a 4 page quick overview to get you started straight away. With this i am improving my photography abilities – maybe in time i can move up a level. For now this is a super family camera.
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    This review is from : Olympus SH-2 Digital Compact Camera – Black (16 MP, 24x Optical Zoom, Built-In Wi-Fi)

    Great point and click camera. I must admit to being instantly drawn to the retro style of this camera; it looks remarkably like the one my parent’s had when i was younger (indeed, my dad loves it, too). My phone doesn’t have a great camera so it wasn’t going to take much to get better results, but this camera really does come up with the goods image-wise; it’s easily the best performing camera i or any of my friends have had and even the hd video mode works very well, the image stabilisation meaning great results pretty much every time. I certainly can’t go into the technical details other reviewers have, but as a novice with a camera (for still pictures, at least, i do have experience with video cameras) i can attest that this camera is very easy to use straight out of the box and produces excellent results. Also, the wi-fi worked without problems and i found the bundled software to be adequate enough, but again i have no real experience of this type of software. Personally i’m very happy with this camera, it’s small and lightweight so easy to carry around and it now goes with me almost everywhere.
    • Colour Name: Silver What's this?
      This is a really cool bit of kit. The camera is solid in construction and much more compact that expected. The operation of the camera is easy use the buttons and the screen. The screen is a good size and works well in most lights allowing good picture preview. The wi-fi feature is great and easy to use on a network or straight to a printer. The camera is easy to use from taking it out of the box. I have used this for a variety of shots and also in varying light and it has performed much better than my other camera on cocomparison (a sony) the optical zoom gives a good quality picture along with the decent but not overwhelming mega pixels making data storage lighter. The camera has a retro style housing modern technology.
      • Colour Name: Silver What's this?
        Only a small step from no. 1. The olympus sh-2 arrives hot on the heals of its sibling the sh-1 and is priced as an upgrade accordingly. For all the promises, the only real delivery is the addition of a shoot night-time function and raw image. It is for all other purposes identical so for those still looking for a mid range quality point and shoot with some manual flexibility, wifi, a good sensor, image stabilisation and large lcd screen that perhaps don’t require to manipulate images on a more professional level then the sh-1, still available, may be a better investment. First impressions however are a little disappointing. Out of the box it feels lightweight (just under 300g), which ok in itself is a bonus for carrying around, but the alloy finish and faux leather retro style finish just feels cheap when there’s no real weight to it either – it doesn’t feel like perhaps a camera at this price point should. Factor in attracting the smartphone users drawn by added functionality and quality and it may smack some mild tactile disappointment. But the main function here is quality images and from auto mode and the magic flash that allows nightscape shots to the excellent image stabilisation, it really is any finger clicking dream and negates mostly using a tripod to achieve the equivalent. Photos are beautifully rendered in jpeg and at last one can see why the price is ultimately worth it. The wifi will happily transfer the images to phone or tablet and factor in a memory card – sd, sdhc, sdxc – it’ll also shoot photo in video mode and in stereo and the results are outstanding viewed on an led tv.
  5. Colour Name: Silver What's this?
    An awesome next step up for mobile phone photogs. This is a camera firmly aimed at the mobile phone photographer who wants to step it up a bit. If you want to take fantastic shots but don’t know your aperture from your elbow, or give a monkeys about an f-stop, but are frustrated by the limitations of your phone then this is really a camera for you. It takes many of it’s operating cues directly from shooting on a phone, even down to taking a picture by tapping the screen. The heart of the camera is the control dial at the top. From here you can choose from scenes (your usual ‘landscape’ ‘portrait’ and so on presets), art, which is heading into instagram territory with settings like ‘pinhole’ or ‘pop’. Then there are the usual suspects of ‘manual’. ‘program’ and ‘movie’ and then we have ‘photostory’ which allows you to take lomo-style lomo lomography chrome action sampler kit 135 mm camera pictures. Moving on, we have ‘panorama’ which copies the mobile phone style super-wide landscape mode. Finally, ‘iauto’ which is just for when you’ve given up entirely and want the camera to do all the thinking for you.
  6. Colour Name: Silver What's this?

    This review is from : Olympus SH-2 Digital Compact Camera – Black (16 MP, 24x Optical Zoom, Built-In Wi-Fi)

    Extremely well put together photography all-rounder for your pocket. Half of the prospective buyers of this camera won’t be looking for the features of a top-end dslr. Just a good quality point and shoot camera. They would however like some of the various features a dslr might offer if they were easier to use. The other half will just want a smart looking retro-style camera that will fit with their trendy image and ride nicely in their pocket. Both sets of prospective buyers are totally catered for by the olympus sh-2. It’s a metal-bodied camera with just the right amount of heft, and around the size of a pack of superkings cigarettes. The lens sits slightly proud of the body but not excessively so.
    • Colour Name: Silver What's this?
      Clunky software and wifi though. . I have always used canon ixus digital cameras and was interested to see how this compact olympus compares with a range that tends to sacrifice ultimate picture quality and features for compact size and style. This camera is nearly identical to it’s predecessor the sh-1 with some additional night modes and the ability to capture pictures in raw uncompressed mode. If these features are not important then it may be worth trying to get hold of the sh-1 which is discounted to an attractive price at present while stocks last however i still think this camera represents good value for money as it stands. The camera is supplied with a battery, a quality neck strap, a usb charger rated at 500ma including euro and uk leads, a basic instruction manual and a cd rom containing olympus viewer 3 software along with the full manual. The build quality is excellent with an alloy and plastic body covered by leatherette on the touch points. The controls are solid and logical, sensibly located and well marked. The size is more toward a traditional compact cameras than the tiny ixus cameras but will still fit into a large pocket and feels well balanced in the hand. There is no sd card provided, however this is common these days, and there is 37mb of internal memory for testing and emergences.

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