One thought on “Review and Buying Guide Nikon D3300 Kit schwarz

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    Amazing value for the money this camera is so versatile and i would recommend it to anyone interested in serious photography.
  2. Anonymous

    This review is from : Nikon D3300 Kit schwarz + AF-S DX 18-105 mm VR

    Good value entry level dslr, ideal for new usersa few things to consider though. The d3300 is a minor update to the d3200, it does offer most of what a new user might be looking for, or a decent choice for someone moving up from a bridge or compact camera, wanting to expand their photography knowledgeit’s also easy to use and learn on. This is the kit version with the well known 18-105mm vr lens, it’s a step up over the normal kit lens with a good range which is useful, though it does have plastic mount, it’s optically quite a good lens fairly sharp and copes ok with the extra resolution that 24mp demandsthere are a few limitations though compared to higher priced bodies, which i will go into later on. This won’t matter to many users, but they are worth a mentiona quick summary of the notable strong and weaker points of the camerapros:+ excellent image quality from the 24mp sensor, good dynamic range too. Nikon removed the optical low pass filter this increases the resolution a bit, you can shoot raw and jpeg+ 11-point af system with central cross sensor is quite good enough at this price point+ nicely made and a smaller more compact size for a dslr, quite comfy in the hand+ fairly well featured for an entry dslr, has most of what you might want to start off with (bear in mind cons section)+ has hd video 1920 x 1080 50p which is sharp and clean. You do have autofocus (contrast) with the af-f mode+ 3. 5mm mic input+ “guide mode” can be useful for some people it can help with shooting situations, but it’s not perfect+ range of creative effect/filters to play with+ metering and wb are improved over the previous model quite consistent in most situations+ built in white light af assist (helps the camera focus in lower light) it works, though it can be distracting for people shots inside+ good battery life around 600 shots+ 5fps continuous shooting is quite fast for an entry level camera, buffer is quite small though (about 6 frames raw)cons:- no exposure bracketing (about time at least something was added here), no depth of field preview- no auto fp (high speed sync), this allows your external flash to sync at all shutter speeds with the camera, particularly useful for daylight fill in flash photography, where you will easily go over the normal 1/200 flash synch speed with faster lenses or on a bright day. Camera doesn’t support it so you will have to use nd filters as a workaround (to reduce light to the camera)- no built in af motor in the body. This is less of an issue now that most recent nikon lenses have motors built into them, but if you are digging around for second hand (or non af-s)lenses it’s something to consider. You can still user screw driven lenses but manual focus only- live view is fairly slow to focus, it’s ok for non moving subjects though.

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