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I received this simply because the matching climate station exceeded anticipations. I bought this mainly because the matching climate station exceeded anticipations. This camera works properly but wants thorough setting up to fulfill needs.

Incredibly effectively manufactured, consider a bit of receiving use to it.

Netatmo Welcome, NSC01-EU Continental Reference No UK Plug Included

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Wonderful little bit of package and is effective a treat. Every thing that netatmo release is top high-quality. Excellent bit of package and will work a address. Because of to the electricity cable sticking out the back. Would also like to have witnessed it appear with a bracket that would healthy to a wall. These are only minor negatives. Over-all can not advocate this a lot more very.

A sensation of security when away from dwelling. It definitely does study to recognise faces even though this can take a couple weeks to discover in daylight and darkness ( infra-crimson ) and at unique angles and hats. This looks to make improvements to slowly and gradually with time as it builds up a larger databases of approved pics. Small neat and straightforward to set up. It does use exterior servers from netatmo, but video clips and seems are stored locally only. It would not get five starts off due to the fact no aid for wall correcting is provided and it can slide around. It is not distinct how a great deal of a security gap in a router this may well be. In my situation i have put it on a different wi-fi community isolated from the main community, but this is almost certainly excessively cautious for most men and women. The camera recognition implies that you do not get hundreds of phony alarms from acknowledged persons coming dwelling. This saves a large amount of squandered time.

Great facial recognition technology. . This unit is 10/10 for ease of set up and the same for working well. It literally takes minutes to set up and requires zero it skills or fiddling around with obscure technologies. No pan or tilt available – it is a fixed view camera. The picture with cameras from eg foscam are better but this one wins hands down on the ease of set up. Others – eg the foscam – have the worst user functionality and apps i have ever seen on a so-called consumer product.

Netatmo Welcome, NSC01-EU Continental Reference No UK Plug Included : An unobtrusive clever device which does not need a sim card – a great advantage. This one was given as a gift and was very temperamental to get going, requiring the netatmo help desk for information. They sent an email with a load of technical data to apply, which required a degree in electronics to decipher. However after much trial and error it now works although with the occasional hiccup. A lot depends of course on a good internet connection. Despite the odd problem this is a clever way of enhancing house security.

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  1. Verified Purchase

    This review is from : Netatmo Welcome, NSC01-EU Continental Reference No UK Plug Included

    Great product works exactly as it supposed to highly recommended great price.
    • Verified Purchase
      It took awhile for the face recognition to really work but it is worth the effort to ‘train’ it. I have tried a few different home security camera and this is the best i have used. Once you get it trained to recognise faces the number of alerts are kept to a minimum. Setting up on the home network took almost no effort. The iphone app is well designed and easy to use. The unit is also smaller than it looks.
  2. Verified Purchase

    This review is from : Netatmo Welcome, NSC01-EU Continental Reference No UK Plug Included

    Amazingly simple to set up and get going. I’ve inly got one but will be adding more.
  3. Verified Purchase

    This review is from : Netatmo Welcome, NSC01-EU Continental Reference No UK Plug Included

    A feeling of safety when away from home. It really does learn to recognise faces although this takes a few weeks to learn in daylight and darkness ( infra-red ) and at different angles and hats. This seems to improve slowly with time as it builds up a bigger database of approved photos. Small neat and easy to set up. It does use external servers from netatmo, but videos and sounds are stored locally only. It doesn’t get 5 starts because no support for wall fixing is supplied and it can fall over. It is not clear how much of a security hole in a router this might be. In my case i have put it on a separate wireless network isolated from the main network, but this is probably excessively cautious for most people. The camera recognition means that you do not get loads of false alarms from known people coming home. This saves a lot of wasted time.
    • Anonymous
      Doesn’t match up to competition. I purchased this to replace a twice faulty withings home monitoring system and have to say switching to netatmo definitely feels like a step down even though it costs more. Comparing the netatmo to the withings, the video quality is not as good, their iphone app doesn’t have any useful features like the time-lapse, air quality monitoring, snapshots, online storage, two way communication. Their apple watch app doesn’t do as much as the withings one did, it just shows you pointless notifications and when you click on it takes forever to load anything. On the plus side, i prefer metallic iphone gold style exterior, the fact that it has a sd card slot for local downloadable storage, the smaller footprint, and the face recognition that actually works very well for me and my girlfriend in my small flat in london and lets not forget the reason why i bought this was the withings had to be replaced twice due to faults. Saying that, the withings cost less, had air quality sensors, two way microphone, a physical privacy camera cover, a better quality camera, and the ability to tilt which looking back were all very useful features that i miss.
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    This review is from : Netatmo Welcome, NSC01-EU Continental Reference No UK Plug Included

    Beautifully executed but why ?. Just like other netatmo products, this is a lovely piece of kit to look at. A smooth cylinder of brushed aluminium with a discrete black panel on the fronthousing the camera, ir led and microphone. It’s relatively innocuous and doesn’t attract much attention which is a good thing. The fact that it can uses wifi for it’s network connectivity means the only cable it really needs is the power cable, which is a micro-usb cable meaning it can be handily extended using a typical usb extension cable should you need to. Configuration should be simple. Just download the welcome app and it will guide you thorugh the device config step-by-step. I’ve struggled with netatmo’s bluetooth setup routines in the past and this one was no different, taking a couple of attempts before it worked. It’s not all that bad though, it didn’t take any more than 10 minutes. Once it’s up and running, you connect to it via the welcome app on your smartphone and you can watch a buffered “live” feed from your welcome camera.

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