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Would be a five* if nest mindful was greater value as with no nest aware the camera is missing a number of actually useful attributes but £8 or £24 for each thirty day period is a little bit much too large value for those capabilities.

It does what it claims on the box. It does what it claims on the box for most persons. Delivered immediately and conveniently established up in a several minutes it was in use within just 48 hrs of buying the camera. Distinct shots with seem and the ability to zoom is wonderful. The only draw back is the high monthly membership to nest if you need their storage. Now £10 for each thirty day period for a solitary cctv camera is stupid and adverse promoting. I endorse you buy the camera and fail to remember about the membership unless of course you truly require the storage.

Nest Cam Security Camera

  • Alerts on your mobile phone When Nest Cam detects motion or sound you can receive an alert on your mobile and an e-mail with an image of what happened.
  • Easy setup – Just plug in the power cable, download the app and set it up from your Android or iOS device
  • 1080p HD video quality with wide viewing angle
  • Get motion and noise alerts on your phone
  • See what’s happening in the dark with Night Vision LED Sensors
  • Talk and listen – Nest Cam has a mic and speaker. So you can hear what’s going on and talk back using the Nest app

Quite uncomplicated to set up – you either scan the 2d code on the back again or enter the necessary facts manually. I use mine for security, when i established my nest thermostat to away, the camera commences routinely. You can established three resolutions up to 1080p, set an unbiased plan, warn on motion &/or audio, talk to it, switch off the environmentally friendly led, have it routinely change to infrared (it has a ring of scarcely visible infrared leds). The video can be monitored from a web website page or an application (the apple iphone a person i use operates very well) – which enables the location of the nest thermostat or checking of nest protects. You can subscribe to nest aware (i’m on my twenty day absolutely free trial) which offers either 10 day background for £8 or 30 day for £24. This membership adds time lapse recording & video clips if needed. The camera’s high quality is greatest described as good alternatively than wonderful but wonderful for my use (it is really dynamic variety renders outdoors scenes via home windows absolutely white). The construct top quality is great with a magnetic foundation that can also be wall mounted with the provided round bracket if required. The camera physique can be rotated so mounting & freestanding alternatives are good.

This is good item which a very effectively designed application. This is excellent merchandise which a pretty very well designed application. I use this to maintain an eye on my puppy though im at perform. Terrific photo, and sends you text alerts when it detects motion and seem. The night eyesight is also pretty fantastic. You only have to have a subscription if you want to continue to keep footage for a longer time than a working day (which i dont).

Strong, excellent quality substance, fantastic picture top quality but receives seriously scorching on 1080 picture good quality environment. This camera was very simple to established up. Potent, great quality supplies. Feels and appears to be like greater than quite a few cameras on the marketplace. The electric power cable is extended plenty of to connect the camera at ceiling heigh to a ground mounted electricity socket, but only will come in white (as a result it relies upon on the track record wall colors whether or not it seems to be superior or not). The hd in 720 graphic is okay/very good, but i would favor to depart it in 1080 having said that, the camera gets actually very hot when in 1080 which worries me, so i leave it on the 720 placing. The nest application is satisfactory to perspective the footage, but a minor confined on the apple iphone / ipad. You have to subscribe if you want to keep footage for a longer period (which they are quite very clear about so do not moan) but it would be excellent if you could seize a image of the footage at a click a button. The magnetic stand is a good idea, and the camera spins inside it really is housing so you can set up in most spots with no difficulties. I like the ability to established ‘trigger zones’ by way of a desktop laptop – incredibly handy if you have pets functioning all over at floor level, and only want triggers when, for case in point, a door opens.

Nest Cam Security Camera : I use the cam for live streaming my cats during the day and it is very good. The nest aware subscription isn’t available for the uk, but i don’t really mind as i can see events live or i can see what has happened that day, so i don’t need anything else for it. Sometimes it may take a few seconds or longer to start so i just go back to the home screen and select the cam again. The camera itself gets a bit warm, but not hot, and that is normal and not something to worry about.

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    Exceptional quality in both product and packaging. Very impressed with both quality and ease of setup. It’s very rare today to experience a product that has been so carefully designed and produced to such a high standard.
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      You get what you pay for – a brilliant system. We have been using a couple of these for many months note and have found them to be superb. Initial problems we had were not caused by the cameras but by our roper and it’s wifi. We are on virginia and the router channel was locked on the same one as a neighbour which was causing the wifi to keep disappearing due to interference. I sorted the problem by ringing virginia who altered the router remotely and allowed it to auto select a clear channel and since then for the last 2 months the system has been faultless. I notice meany rather disparaging comments about the cost of monitoring. However if you take the trouble to know what you are buying by visiting the next website before ordering all details including costs are very well explained.
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    Notification of sound and motion straight to your phone. Sends you short video but you can go on computer and watch all day if you want. Keeps history of short videos that you can replay on your phone.
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      Seeing what is going on at home whilst i’m at work is great. The zoom function and the fact you can talk and hear through it is awesome. Fantastic innovative product.
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        Best cloud based camera system ive found. I use as a baby monitor and security and work really well with my nest thermostat.
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    Bought it for home security. Bought it for home security. Tells me if it notices any movement in my home and sends me alerts so i can view them on my phone. Even the night time vision is great. I tried the talk through part of it as well. I be will purchasing another after trying it. So i can view the front entrance then as well as the back.
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    Perfection – aside from the lack of a local stoage option. I say sadly because i dont really like the cloud storage model. However it is being used as a granny cam and it is really useful and – crucially – reliable even in a low wifi signal area, as long as you dont mind sacrificing 1080p and can make do with 720p – which i can. It gives us as a family the visibility and connection we need and she is worth it. Voice at this level can be forgotton though as the lag makes it unworkable although i am sure it will be fine if used over a local area network. Ours is used to view over a 200 mile distance and will have to wait for some other method to carry out voice comms. It took a while to tune but we are very satisfied with it. The 30 day trial is about to end which means we have to choose between an £80 per year plan giving access to the last ten days history, or a 30 day history at £200-odd. Otherwise it only gives you a live view.
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      Totally a great product, i currently have this setup in my. Totally a great product,i currently have this setup in my living room and due to picking up my sons first crawling i feel its paid for itself. Note: make sure to do a broadband speed test on [. ], you are going to want around 3mb+ upload to make sure the nest cam as no issues uploading the footage. Lastly there is a monthly fee for cloud storage that you will need i pay, 10days cloud footage is £8.
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    Good but really not worth the money. Wanted to use this to look out of the window onto our drive and garage. It’s great in the day but doesn’t work at night as the infra red reflects off the glass. I could live with this if the camera was £50 but the high price and subscription means it has to go back.
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    This review is from : Nest Cam Security Camera

    Good camera, expensive cloud. Great product with a really good app. Camera is good resolution (placed indoors) and the night vision works well. If you want any sort of cloud backup (which, let’s face it, you need to make the most of these cameras) it costs an arm and a leg. Subscription services are death by a thousand cuts these days, and £10ish a month to store video of steam blowing past my kitchen window is too much. It’s a pity these don’t integrate with ifttt, but i’m guessing the reason for that is to force people to use their cloud stuff.
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      Dropcam to nest cam is it better???. The new nest cam a bit slower than the original dropcam in terms of viewing live or search video history, it takes a while to load the history. Another point maybe it’s only relate to my device, the new uk plug (adapted) stopp working after 2 days and i had to return it for replacement. Overall the video quality even in night mode are excellent.
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    It arrived quickly and was so easy to install that i wondered if i’d missed something. I’ve only just got it, so early days, but so far it’s met all expectations, or exceeded them. It arrived quickly and was so easy to install that i wondered if i’d missed something, but it all seems to work ok. Still learning some of the finer points, but my reaction so far is that nest have really put a lot of thought into getting the technology to make life easier. What made me finally take the plunge was when our neighbourhood watch scheme offered members a special offer of one cctv camera and 1tb recorder for £400, whereas this thing is far more sophisticated. Leaving home will no longer be a worry with the nest cam looking after the place.
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    Great for the price 4**** :). Even though i have high speed broadband, 1080p seems to struggle but 720p is crisp. The system itself works like a charm and alerts me when movement is detected, although the app fails to notify me immediately i have to rely on the e-mail. This could be my choice of phone or the app, not quite sure. I will own a samsung s7 edge as of tomorrow so we’ll see how that performs. The camera build quality is incredible and it does what it says on the tin. My only gripe is for a camera it’s quite expensive and i think personally the monthly charge is a bit high for the premium service. All in all i can’t fault the camera itself, it’s magnificent.
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      Would like to see more mounting options that come with the cam, e. G suction cups for glass/flat surfaces, and fitted velcro patches. . Also motion detection picked up very subtle things like reflections of cars passing outside the office window on office furniture.

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