Review and Buying Guide Ltl Acorn 5210A 940nm Wildlife Trail Camera

This unit is superb, the stills are pretty superior. This product is superb, the stills are incredibly superior, but not as very good as a devoted camera. The camera has been exterior all by way of the winter season and has labored perfectly and we have noticed so significantly wildlife in our yard that we had no idea was there. The movie is ok but not the finest, the evening vision is superior but you have to be cautious how you location the camera or you get ‘white out’ because of to excessive infra-pink. With the added battery again pack it lasts completely ages, but you do have to get excellent high quality, higher ma hr batteries.

Reasonably priced camera, does the occupation. This was acquired as a current so that my associate can see the visitors we have to the bird feeders in the yard. Straightforward to attach to our tree and easy to operate. Visuals seem good for the price compensated and so extremely satisfied.

Ltl Acorn 5210A 940nm Wildlife Trail Camera with 8GB SD-Card

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  • Wildlife Camera Trap
  • Ltl Acorn Superior Manufacture
  • 8G SD Card Supplied
  • Built in Infrared for Night Vision
  • Records Video & Takes Photos

Excellent item properly you should hours of exciting & excellent photos. . Exceptional quite a few options on the camera, we have set up it in the backyard to catch birds mostly a woodpecker that visits the nut tree but caught mice, hedgehogs cats & masses of other birds.

This is a amazing piece of aquipment. Effortless to use and established up, extremely obvious pics. I acquired it for my husband as a existing and he is very delighted in fact.

Bought these after wanting for evaluations about this model, appears to be satisfied and the value is terrific a lot more affordable than elsewhere shipped within just 24 hours, and i like the looks of it, i have tried out it with my doggy in the house, fantastic photos but u would requires larger electric power of batteries, i use rechargeable batteries and there is also extra established for backup batteries. Hunting forward to try it outdoors. . I downloaded the advert card, the camera took a hundred and eighty pictures all evening, on the computer system it us terrific to see our pet walking about.I have no complications with this.

Ltl Acorn 5210A 940nm Wildlife Trail Camera with 8GB SD-Card : A good buy: do your research on what features you need. I bought a second one of these as a security cam and swap them out. The invisible leds make it perfect for covert outdoor useblending in well with foliage, and the inbuilt camouflaged plastic case is surprisingly effective(more so than i thought) when it is in position. The battery life with the battery pack is certainly weeks toa few months, depending on how many times the camera is triggered and it is useful to be able to record either or both photographsand relatively high quality video including at night. The detection range at night is around 4-5 metres which isperfect for what i need to record, and has even included the local wildlife. Well the operating instructions are not very clear and likewise the simple push button controls on the camera arenot altogether intuitive but it is quite easy with repetition to work it all out eventually as its a fairly simple device. The photo and video resolution could be higher but it acceptable for what i need. A few of the other reviews commented on the flimsy battery cover at the base and the mount onto the secondarybattery pack which is included but i have not had any problems and the camera has proved reliable in use so farover the past 18 months of largely outdoor use. As i said at the start i bought a second one recently for interoperability and i may well buy another one.

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    This review is from : Ltl Acorn 5210A 940nm Wildlife Trail Camera with 8GB SD-Card

    This device is fantastic, the stills are very good. This device is fantastic, the stills are very good, but not as good as a dedicated camera. The camera has been outside all through the winter and has worked well and we have seen so much wildlife in our garden that we had no idea was there. The video is ok but not the best, the night vision is good but you have to be careful how you place the camera or you get ‘white out’ due to excessive infra-red. With the extra battery back pack it lasts absolutely ages, but you do have to get good quality, high ma hr batteries.
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    This review is from : Ltl Acorn 5210A 940nm Wildlife Trail Camera with 8GB SD-Card

    Bought 2 of these to determine the habits of the foxes that are attacking and killing our pheasants in order to exterminate the problem. Worked great and have managed to resolve the problem by shooting the foxes as a result of my findings using the camera. Also managed to capture images of trespassers on the land.
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      They take pictures day and night and give very impressive images. I have got a month performance more than once (taking stills of me both leaving and coming back. ) from 4 eneloop rechargeable aa batteries. I used less than 4 gb memory in doing that (again, i’m taking stills, not video. ) so perfectly happy with the 8 gb card provided. This is a 940 nm unit as described, and is a genuine product. The infrared light is totally invisible to humans. Little bit worried about the water proofing – i would advise trying to keep some kind of cover on top to keep rain off.
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        I have got a numerous amount of these cameras and they work brilliantly. Would highly recommend this product to anyone.
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    Amazing seeing what creeps around at night. The kit came without a strap for securing it, but i used an old belt. Pictures very good compared to other cameras i have tried.
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      I’m very pleased with this camera – very good quality pictures both. I’m very pleased with this camera – very good quality pictures both day and night. Haven’t used the video as all i want is photographic evidence. So far the most pictures captured was 1067 within a 72 hour period – quite a task to sift through but came up with good usable pictures.
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        I bought this to catch wildlife and also as a security camera for when we are away. Sadly it doesn’t do either very well. It only catches passing movement occasionally and very often triggers too late. We have spent hours choosing different positions and settings without luck. Daylight pictures are crisp as long as the sun isn’t too bright. It over-exposes in bright conditions. At night the exposure is too long and causes blur if there is any movement. Walking slowly past the camera results in an unrecognisably blurred image. I guess that less than 1 in 10 images are useful.

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