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Fi9900 1 of the very best ip cameras on the market place for the selling price. I have two other foscam cameras and this most up-to-date one particular (fi9900p) is by much the most effective in phrases of excellent, development, usage, established-up and picture high-quality. The entire body is all steel building and the cable for ethernet/power/reset cable and connector has been redesigned to be just one of the smallest on the market. I drilled a 20mm hole by the wall and it fitted as a result of that completely. That mentioned, foscam do now sell a seriously neat junction box for this camera that permits the cables (tail) to be stored in that with out passing them by means of the wall, leaving just a smaller 6mm hole to be drilled for a electricity feed. In most installations you will want to purchase a 2. 1mm energy extension direct and these are broadly obtainable and inexpensive with lengths up to 5m readily available. Camera picture excellent is exceptional and can be diverse from 1080p down to 480p depending on how much network bandwidth you want to consume. Foscam deliver a manner that they simply call ‘equilibrium’ that balances picture top quality to network potential and is a bit like a variable little bit level (vbr) manner, it works very well and that’s what i use. I have mine sending snap-shot images (two-secs just before an function then ten-secs after the induce function) and video recordings (two-secs in advance of and 20-seconds immediately after the set off occasion) to my ftp server and that operates perfectly.

Helps make ptz seem to be an pointless complication. Generates detailed, huge angle, high resolution photographs with electronic zoom which makes a ptz camera, i previously had, look a little bit as well intricate. So great that i bought a second a person and suggested it to a close friend who also acquired just one. I went to some difficulties with the initially to cable with cat5 and poe, but tried the 2nd on wifi and cannot tell any real distinction.

FOSCAM FI9900P 1080P HD Wireless IP Camera – ( > IP Cameras)

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  • The FI9900P has remote internet monitoring from anywhere in the world. Includes Lifetime Telephone, Email & Remote Desktop Support by Foscam Digital Tech.
  • Includes IR-Cut filter for true color video and images. Optional Foscam Cloud remote storage also available (free trial included).
  • Continuous day/night surveillance is accomplished with 30 powerful IR-LEDs for night vision up to 65ft, plus Motion Detection with email or FTP uploads, as well as the ability to trigger various alarms means nothing will slip by undetected.
  • Supports remote viewing & recording from anywhere and anytime on desktop computers with standard web browsers such as IE, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari, and on smart devices such as iPhones, iPads, Android & Blackberry mobiles (with included Foscam Viewer app).
  • Ships with free camera management software plus manual and driver CD. Network cable and quick start guide are also included. Guaranteed for a Full Year from purchase with US Support and US Warranty offered exclusively by Foscam Digital Tech.

N a durable silver situation with one detachable antenna, this camera can transfer a minimal in excess of 90 degrees on its mount and the angle is locked in spot by an allen essential (included). The output prospects are intended for ‘through the wall’ mounting and the finishes will will need to be saved dry, which is regular. The standard set up on this camera is a breeze and takes only a handful of minutes. Individually i really don’t like distant access to cameras simply simply because i’ve viewed much too numerous spy tales wherever they hack into your camera to see what is likely on. However, there is no real motive why this really should be, as extended as you preserve the firmware up to day (which you can do with the contact of a button in the application) and use a decent password. I utilised the web based mostly instruments and the android app to regulate the camera as i am not all over my individual routers at the minute. I identified the tools easy to use on windows (firefox and ie) and acceptably functional.

Built in ir illuminator is unusable – get an exterior just one. . Properly packaged, and nicely made. The are living movie appears to be okay, but the snapshots taken are pretty lousy, even on ‘high’ resolution. I’m likely to have to get an external ir illuminator, for the reason that the alerts are activated by flies/moths at night time. Immediately after a number of times spiders grow cobwebs across it, which induce alerts every single five seconds. Consequently i imagine the created in ir illuminator is unusable. I have worked in it for a lot of decades, and continue to found setup to be extremely difficult. It is very best to look for for weblogs and youtube video clips to work out how to use it.

I am definitely pleased with this. I haven’t attempted to use it wirelessly, but it copes really well in the lambing shed- even at night. Printed guidelines are constrained, and it seems simpler to use by means of an app. Haven’t but worked out how i can history pictures on a personal computer but no issue on my cell phone and pill.

FOSCAM FI9900P 1080P HD Wireless IP Camera – ( > IP Cameras) : Well constructed, amazing image but requires it, networking skills to setup. . Well constructed camera with amazing full hd picture, infra-red for night-time viewing even in the pitch black. Trouble is the application doesn’t work in windows 10 and the instructions try and relate to more than one camera. No info on what sort of micro sd card is required, requires you to break the screw seals and remove the whole camera assembly to install the sd-card. Picture showing the location is of another camera. Knowledge of it, networking etc required as a total novice will have real issues getting this camera to work. I have a reasonable knowledge of such stuff but i’m no expert and i have wasted several evenings and 9 hours on a saturday getting this camera working. Wireless keeps dropping out but so i’m going to wire this to my router instead. Also a security issue with this camera using it over wifi. Would i have bought this if i knew how difficult it would be to setup, the answer is no i would have bought something else.

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    Addition to my foscam ip camera family. Very well made outdoor wireless camera. I opted to go wired using the tp-link power line adaptor. Picture quality is good (2 megapixels), it has a very long range ir light. Apart from the instructions included with the product,you may find it beneficial to watch youtube videos of this product before installation.
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      I have done my research long and hard to look for the best affordable wireless camera. This is at good as it gets these days. It looks and feels great, sturdy. It is small enough to fit in one’s palm. Didn’t work setting up directly on wireless so had to first connect it on ethernet. Make sure to upgrade firmware first. Once disconnected from ethernet and into wireless it changes port, so be sure to use foscam’s equipment search tool to see the new port.
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    Quality is good, would buy more. Very happy with these, bought 2 to watch over my property and car. Quality is very good and have them recording onto the foscam box. Had issues with wifi so switch to ethernet and not looked back since. Android app could do with a little more love but overall it does the job very well. I didn’t use the auto setup method, i rather do the advance setup so cant really comment on how easy it is.
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      I am really pleased with this. I haven’t attempted to use it wirelessly, but it copes very well in the lambing shed- even at night. Printed instructions are limited, and it seems easier to use through an app. Haven’t yet worked out how i can record images on a pc but no problem on my phone and tablet.
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        Very happy with this camera. Very happy with this camera. I use it with a synology sever running surveillance station over lan using a passive poe adaptor. I have not tested the wifi as i don’t need it. My setup is very stable with no disconnects. Picture quality is very good, and the sound works well with an added cctv mic with power pass through. As far as cable fit i’ve also bought the foscam aluminium junction box which does fit the camera cables a passive poe adaptor and the mic. The camera web viewer is easy to setup but only work with internet explorer as far as i’m aware and the default http port is 88 if your wondering. Only had a quick play with the mobile app and it seems quite straight forward but in my setup i’m not using it so didn’t go into detail.
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    Built in ir illuminator is unusable – get an external one. . Nicely packaged, and nicely constructed. The live video looks ok, but the snapshots taken are pretty poor, even on “high” resolution. I’m going to have to buy an external ir illuminator, because the alerts are triggered by flies/moths at night. After a few days spiders grow cobwebs across it, which trigger alerts every 5 seconds. Therefore i think the built in ir illuminator is unusable. I have worked in it for many years, and still found setup to be very challenging. It’s best to search for blogs and youtube videos to work out how to use it.
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    This review is from : FOSCAM FI9900P 1080P HD Wireless IP Camera – ( > IP Cameras)

    Makes ptz seem an unnecessary complication. Produces detailed, wide angle, high resolution images with digital zoom which makes a ptz camera, i already had, look a bit too complicated. So good that i bought a second one and recommended it to a friend who also bought one. I went to some trouble with the first to cable with cat5 and poe, but tried the second on wifi and cannot tell any real difference.
  5. Verified Purchase

    This review is from : FOSCAM FI9900P 1080P HD Wireless IP Camera – ( > IP Cameras)

    7 day cloud recording for £3. 99. Great service from foscam uk, really easy to set up and 7 day cloud recording for £3.
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      Not put up yet but i configured both of them in under an hour including the firmware update. So at present they are back in their box set up to switch on and work when i attach them. They are brilliant and the picture quality is outstanding both in ir and full colour. I really dont know what the other reviewers are on about saying you need to be an it genius to set them up. All i did wss install the app on my phone, create an account, plug the cameras into my router using the ethernet cables they supply and totally configured them using only my phone. I was getting motion alerts straight away but turning that on and off is easy. So beautiful build clever and compact design and easy to set up. I didnt read the instructions either i just followed the apps aettings so i will buy more if i need to.
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        Excellent camera for the money. . Excellent daytime image, night vision range is good and image quality is excellent, although it’s a bit blurry when things are moving around. Installation and setup is easy enough, but you need a big drill capable of drilling with 25mm masonry bit without blowing up (the connectors are big and dont come off so you need a big hole). My trusty black and decker 800w mains hammer drill exploded halfway through the second hole – you need 1000w+ sds drillmotion detection setup can take a while and it’s mainly trial and error – there are lots of sensitivity levels and you can draw up to 3 zones each with different sensitivities. Mine are set up to drop video files onto a nas device via ftp – really simple to do via the camera’s web interface.
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    This review is from : FOSCAM FI9900P 1080P HD Wireless IP Camera – ( > IP Cameras)

    Don’t buy if you want to use internal sd card recording as you will invalidate the warranty. I never really got to test it as, in order to do what i wanted with it, as it was described in the advert, i would have invalidated the warranty. If you are buying this to use the integral sd card recording, don’t, as if it doesn’t work you wouldn’t be able to claim on the warranty. I cant comment on any other usage methods as i didn’t use it but the product build quality was adequate and the packaging good.
  7. Anonymous

    This review is from : FOSCAM FI9900P 1080P HD Wireless IP Camera – ( > IP Cameras)

    Brilliant ip camera – high quality video and images. This 1080p ip camera is great for use as the image quality is great and the camera is very reliable. Included is:the fi9900 camerawifi antennaethernet cablepower adaptormounting hardwaremanualthe camera is made from metal which gives it a high quality and professional look and feel. The metal also keeps it very waterproof. The camera requires the wifi antenna to be installed. This allows the camera to work quite a distance away from the wifi connection which is useful as it will usually be placed outside, away from the house. As the camera is an outdoor ip camera there are ir leds at the front. These can be manually controlled to turn them on and off, they can be set to automatic as well as setting them on a schedule. The camera is 1080p which means that video can be viewed and recorded in full hd. The video quality is great and very clear.
  8. Verified Purchase

    This review is from : FOSCAM FI9900P 1080P HD Wireless IP Camera – ( > IP Cameras)

    This is a very good camera, great clear sharp picture, quite simple to install and set up, but getting it to record to disc is quite tricky. Very effective on my iphone 6s plus can view from anywhere.
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      Bought the fl9900p to replace the fl9800p – here’s why. I recently reviewed the fl9800p (appears the same but is 720p) which i was initially happy with however i have since returned it and paid extra for this model. While the lower model is perfectly fine and appears to be very similar to this one with a slightly lower resolution, there are some important differences:1) the fl09800p does not have the ability to take a micro sd card. The internals of the camera are not the same, even though they appear identical on the outside. 2) the field of vision with the fl9900p is far wider than with the fl9800p. The difference is very important if you are using this camera to monitor, say, the front of your house. I am now able to monitor more of my front drive and lawn and that’s a good thing. Also, the increased resolution makes a noticeable difference. Out of the box i had a notification to update the firmware. Using the web based interface i notice the camera now has a wdr option.
  9. Verified Purchase

    This review is from : FOSCAM FI9900P 1080P HD Wireless IP Camera – ( > IP Cameras)

    Bought after a price reduction. Connectivity is easy enough – perhaps too many options – but a junction box solves the main problem – hides all the cable ends (see picture). Similarly, a horizontal rotation is achieved by mounting the plate under a soffitt board (see picture). You have to disengage and rotate the mounting end to do this – but easily done. Software has not been a major problem. Its nighttime i have a problem with. Bad focus (see picture) and b. Any rain triggers the motion detector. I see there is a firmware upgrade which i’ll try at some point. Not sure if this was good value or money or not. It does work (apart from my 2 issues) and it is waterproof.

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