Review and Buying Guide Bushnell Trophy Cam 8MP Night Vision #119436

Really excellent excellent product which was shipped right before predicted. Price tag was well in reason and because it was purchased as a birthday present it was an appreciated shock.

Like adore adore this cam soooo effortless to established up and wonderful price and rapid shipping.

I bought this to notice the hedgehogs in the yard. This is a pretty sturdily produced merchandise. The guidance are exceptional. My only regret is that the digital camera won’t be able to use rechargeable batteries ( the recommendations are certain about this). It is meant for more substantial match than hedgehogs. But i am delighted with the subsequent adaptations right after six months of demo and mistake: – i’ve hooked up it to a very basic home-built tripod ( stout garden canes and polymorph ). I strap the digicam to a vertical adhere on the uncomplicated tilt head, employing bungee twine by way of the camera lugs, to present a great deal of ‘give’ if the factor at any time will get knocked above. I can established this up immediately every single night to give repeatable positioning: the digital camera requirements to be pointing a bit down from the horizontal, to give the movement detector a chance with the tiny targets. The lens is about eighteen inches from ground amount. – position the digital camera about ten feet from the feeding station.

Wonderful pictures of nightlife.

We have had hundreds of enjoyable with this. Quick to established up and then we just clamp it to a tree and go away it for a 7 days or so to see what moves close to. Okay, we live in the sticks ~ so far, foxes, rabbits, badgers, hedgehogs, cats and several bigger birds which include pheasants, magpies, jackdaws and rooks. We have it established on a seven second colour online video (color daytime – black and white at night) – battery lifestyle would seem to be about 6 months furthermore with properly around two hundred video clip clips taken through that time. (kodak extralife from poundland, £1 for 6, means this is a really inexpensive digicam to use.

Bushnell Trophy Cam 8MP Night Vision #119436 : Excellent product really does do what it says great picture quality either day or night would recommend getting 2 sandisks makes downloading easier as you have always got an empty disc ready.

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  1. Verified Purchase
    I bought this to deter intruders as well as to use for natural history purposes occasionally. Gives a decent image quality in day & as good as one might reasonably expect at night. It turns out my garden hedgehog food is actually mostly taken by miceit has been running for over a year now with no problems.
  2. Verified Purchase

    This review is from : Bushnell Trophy Cam 8MP Night Vision #119436

    Captured all manner of wildlife in our garden, including a fox trying to climb a tree. Good quality video and photos, and still on first set of batteries after a couple of months set to video.
  3. Verified Purchase

    This review is from : Bushnell Trophy Cam 8MP Night Vision #119436

    Brilliant quality for the value of money. Brilliant quality for the value of money , i’ve had an acorn in the past and it was absolute rubbish. If you want a wildlife camera , go for a decent one straight away safes you wasting your money.
    • Verified Purchase
      It isn’t an 8mp camera, it is a 5mp camera extrapolated to 8mp. I did a lot of research and believed that this was a genuine 8mp camera, but it was only when i read the (very) small print that i discovered that the description is wrong. The images are acceptable in daylight, but even on the lowest setting the flash is too bright at night for anything closer than about 8 feet. Video is also ok, but not true hd as it is 1280×720. This also overexposed, because the leds are too bright. At night the camera is meant to be undetectable, but it spooks rabbits and foxes.
      • Verified Purchase
        Not quite the same quality of pictures you might expect from an 8mp compact camera, but it works well and does everything it’s supposed to do. Detects movement and takes photographs and /or videos, day or night. Night setting needs some trial and error to get the ir setting to suit the location but the menu is simple enough to work though.
  4. Anonymous
    This camera is great fun, even in our fairly small garden we. This camera is great fun, even in our fairly small garden we have watched the antics of a hedgehog, a squirrel and a fox, plus many birds. We also used it to see what our two cats get up to when they are shut in the kitchen overnight. Easy to set up, fairly good quality filming.
    • Anonymous
      Love love love this cam soooo easy to set up and great price and fast delivery.
  5. Anonymous

    This review is from : Bushnell Trophy Cam 8MP Night Vision #119436

    Easy to use, easy to set up, great product. Having read previous reviews, i decided to purchase the bushnell trophy cam. I was worried as i am not very good with gadgets but even i have found this camera very easy to operate. I have used both the still pictures and the video at night. The results have been outstanding. The camera has been left in terrible rain, some evenings, and still works to a high standard. Easy to use, easy to set up i am very pleased with my purchase.
    • Verified Purchase
      Got this for night fox monitoring at a farm at lambing time. Plus points are – compact size, takes aa batteries, and the function for taking photos at preset intervals so you’re not reliant on movement triggers. I got quite a few useful pictures using this function. It takes good clear pics and also has a date & time stamp on each photo, so you can build an idea of movement patterns. Also has a video function, though i’ve not used it. Negative points – limited security, no key code, so a thief could simply walk off with it & make use immediately. Ok if you’re operating in a secluded spot though.
      • Verified Purchase
        The product gives great colour photos in daylight and very good black and white photos in complete darkness. However when the light is marginal (late dusk and predawn) the photos come out over exposed, (this includes indoor shots if you are considering using it as an indoors security devise). Other than that it met my fullest expectations. It is very easy to program the various functions, downloading the photo is fully automatic on my mac, and the depth of field, focus, and colour in daylight is outstanding (like looking out your window). It has survived several down pours, as well as being left out in full sunlight all day to the point where the case got hot. I was able to adjust the sensitivity to the point where it picked up my neighbour’s cat at 35 metes yet did not give false triggers when the wind blew through the shrubbery.
  6. Verified Purchase
    This camera comes in two versions – not made clear in the sales literature. Mine turned out to be the slightly less sophisticated version. The time and date recording feature is particularly useful in stills mode. Both the daytime colour and night time infra-red produce good quality images in both still and video modes.

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